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A high proportion of our surveys are troubleshooting jobs where previous drilling attempts by other consultants and contractors failed to find enough water for the client’s needs. Besides recording and analysing the results of all boreholes, region by region, completed over an extended period of time, the best proof of the efficacy of the Geodivining survey method is to examine the drilling results of those specific jobs where boreholes already drilled in the area have failed, providing an opportunity to clearly demonstrate the exceptional results and substantial savings achievable through working with Geodivining International.

The following examples from troubleshooting jobs throughout Scotland, where we have successfully developed water supplies of up to 100,000 l/hr from single boreholes, demonstrate how our first-strike successes could have saved clients into tens of thousands of pounds on repeated failures and high development costs had they come to Geodivining initially. Even saving the cost of one dry or low-yield borehole is more than enough to justify Geodivining Survey and Borehole Logging fees.

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