Simple Terms & Conditions

Strict 50% deposit terms apply; payable in advance to cover background research and the Remote-Sensory Geodivining Survey work prepared in advance of the site visit.
No job will be undertaken without receipt and clearance of this deposit.

For all troubleshooting surveys, due to the emergency nature of the work and usually immediate drilling, the full survey fee is payable in advance of the site visit and before any further drilling work is done. Project Management and Borehole Logging fees are billed on completion or in stages depending on the timing and scale of the project.

In rare instances we may find that there is no merit in taking the survey beyond stage 2, in which case we will inform you of our conclusions and no further fees will be charged.
For some international clients we provide Geological Prognosis and Remote-Sensory Geodivining Survey services with extra detailed plans or aerial images which may be sufficient to place drillers on the best locations without site visits, but wherever possible the confirmation and detailed assessment provided by our Geodivining Site Survey service is recommended before making drilling decisions.

When we are ready to book a date for your Geodivining Site Survey, normally within 2 to 3 weeks of commissioning we will contact you and arrange the second advance payment for the balance of the agreed survey fee to clear before or on the day of the site survey.

Once drilling locations are marked you have all the information needed for successful drillingand drilling may commence immediately or at any time.
Normally we endeavour to complete survey reports before drilling, with the written estimates, maps and photographs, but sometimes there is insufficient time for this. Reports completed following drilling may also include drilling results.

Please Note and Understand that Geodivining Surveys are always provided on a best-efforts basis.
Geodivining International has a hard-won and well-earned reputation for achieving extraordinary results. As leaders in this field we are not short of work. Some clients wish to hedge their bets but we do not engage in betting games. We do not offer any guarantee of success, nor do we negotiate ‘special’ terms, but we do undertake to carefully review the survey and drilling results free of charge, in the rare event that a borehole or boreholes drilled on Geodivining recommendations fail to produce the minimum required yield, as we endeavour to learn from whatever error or misjudgement may have been made and to ultimately achieve the desired outcome.

Prices starting from £1,500 + VAT. Surveys are priced in five sector-specific categories according to the volume of water required. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.