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Geodivining International specialises in combining conventional land survey and geoscientific exploration methods with a unique set of intuitive goal-oriented biophysical techniques.  

Our techniques are entirely Remote-sensory and non-invasive, and can be dovetailed with all other conventional geophysics, borehole logs, and other data, tailored to suit clients' needs at any stage in the exploration process.

Our methods provide cost effective practical solutions to :  

  • Pre-Licensing Prospectivity Assessments
  • Direct Hydrocarbon Detection and Structural Mapping
  • Detailed 4-D Reservoir Modelling
  • Permeability and Yield Potential Mapping for Optimum Drilling Results
  • Differentiation of Porosity, Density, Oil and Condensate Grading Characteristics
  • Difficult Frontier Environments: Deep Water,  Sub Salt, Sub Basalt, Fractured Reservoirs

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