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Doug Bates, BSc(geol), FGSA, MGA, MIAH, MSEG.

Founder of Geodivining International

Consulting Exploration Geologist & Professional Diviner

Doug Bates is a qualified geologist who specialised in Structural Geology and Mineral Exploration in Southern Africa in the 1980’s. In the early 90’s he moved with his family to Scotland and researched, learned, and practised the esoteric art of Water Divining developing a unique set of bio-geophysical remote-sensory techniques for water prospecting and mineral exploration. 

In 1994 Doug founded Geodivining International, which has become a world-leading consultancy in this field with over 3,000 successful water supply developments for private and corporate clients in the UK, Europe, America, Africa, China and Australia.

Phil Langdon

Associate Water Diviner

Hydraulic Engineer & Professional Diviner

Phil has 30 years’ experience in the design, construction supervision and project management of irrigation systems, both in the UK and Europe. He has specialist skills in the location of underground water sourcing, combining geological evaluation with water divining.

He has plenty of hands-on experience in the installation of irrigation systems, having spent several years as a contractor. There is not an irrigation installation job that he has not done himself, from installing pipes, valves and sprinklers through to control wiring and setting up the computer with its database.

As a consultant, Phil has designed, installed and overseen the installation of many types of irrigation systems, including golf projects, football stadia and large garden projects in conjunction with private developers. His specialist skills have been brought to bear on water resourcing for remote locations for housing developers, large dairy farms and domestic properties. Phil has served as Vice Chairman of the British Turf and Landscape Association where he was responsible for setting up a technical support facility to ensure that standards were being upheld in the industry.

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