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Geodivining is best described as Intuitive Science for natural resource exploration. The intuitive geological survey techniques were developed for accurate geo-structural mapping and direct resource detection and assessment in all rock formations at any depth. Most commonly used for goal-oriented target-yield matching groundwater exploration, similar goal-oriented techniques are also successfully applied for element-specific or mineral-specific target-grade-matching mineral exploration, and for highly efficient economic hydrocarbon exploration. 

These deterministic goal-oriented resource-specific exploration techniques, though seen as controversial in the scientific community, have been well proven to outperform conventional exploration methods in many ways and have been the basis for reliable Troubleshooting by Geodivining International over the past 25 years (1994-2019).

Geodivining International specialises in accurate mapping of deep water-bearing faults and fractures, which form the primary conduits for groundwater flow in older fractured aquifers and otherwise relatively impermeable hard rock terrain, where borehole yields are highly variable, cannot conventionally be predicted with any certainty, and where dry and low-yielding drilling outcomes are quite common.

We have a consistent track record of successfully developing relatively high and seasonally sustainable yields in such areas, often achieving exceptional yields (typically at least 2 to 5 times, often 5 to 20 times, and sometimes higher multiples of local average yields), usually for considerably less drilling than the average depth of other boreholes in the same rock formations.

Exact location selection and accurate vertical drilling are important as we have proved on a significant number of sites where near misses were recorded, or where we achieved exceptionally high yields within just a few metres of other relatively low-yielding boreholes.

Using these methods, with more than 3,000 boreholes completed over the past 25 years, Geodivining has achieved an enviable record of success with regional, national and global first-strike drilling success rates all consistently in the 88-95% range. Among the small proportion of first attempt failures, second and third attempt drilling successes raise the overall project success rate to 97%. Most of these boreholes are in the older Palaeozoic and Proterozoic fractured rock formations of Scotland, but we have been equally successful in other parts of the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australia.

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